Tuesday, April 14, 2009

**And My Name Is...**


Mosu said...

Wow, I love when foreign exchange programs say that schools in Japan are large, and they say around 2,000 students.
My high school (9-12) has almost 3,000.

I enjoy readi--er, watching your blog; I also appreciate that you make videos as opposed to just text and that you update often.

~tenshi-san. said...

Sounds awesome~ :D

Im hoping to go at the end of 2010 :/ have to wait a while.

Ooo~can you talk about your host fmaily and show us your new room? ^^ its okay if you cant. im just curious. ><"

sandy said...

Hi Ellie
It's so great to hear your voice and what you are experiencing!
Sandy R

Anonymous said...

lol ellie when i first read your blog title this time i immdediately thought of the song by eminem...and my name is (what? who?) gah

rachel said...

ok that comment up there was by me...rachel :-)

Orion Miracle said...

Thanks for all the comments! I will c wat i can do about the room thing.