Tuesday, February 3, 2009

*2* One Step Closer

(My Soon to be New Hometown)

I found out that I'm going to Ebetsu, Hokkaido. Which is a city located about 11 miles from the capital of Hokkaido called, Sapporo! I'm not on the main island (where Tokyo & Osaka is) and where I'm staying is cool in the summer and kinda cold in the winter (it shares the same lattitude as Maine, USA). Hokkaido is also where most of the agriculture stuff is done in Japan. It's also the island with hot springs, skiiing/snowboarding resorts, and is known for it's delicious seafood. Hokkaido also has a lot of pottery/nature in its' culture. As far as I know I have no host sibblings and will be staying with a host mom & dad. So for now I will work on emailing the host fam and I'll also be waiting to find out which school I'm going to. Hopefully, soon!

EDIT: I guess this means if I go to a NEWS/KAT-TUN concert I will be heading to Sapporo??!


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